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Trump supports birth control without prescription

Story highlightsDonald Trump said he's not in favor of requiring a prescription to purchase birth controlThree states permit pharmacists to prescribe and sell hormonal contraceptives without a prescriptionThree West Coast states already allow pharmacies to sell hormonal contraception without a doctor's script. Though hormonal pills and patches have not been approved for over-the-counter sale by the Food and Drug Administration, Oregon law granted permission for pharmacists to prescribe and sell hormonal contraception to women beginning January 1 of this year. California followed suit as of April 8. Washington state passed a law in 1979 allowing pharmacists the authority to prescribe when working through a collaborative agreement with a doctor, said Jeff Rochon, CEO of the Washington State Pharmacy Association.When this right to request that a pharmacist prescribe and dispense birth control went underutilized by women, the state put together additional legislation that became effective in March 31, explained Rochon. The new law simply increases awareness of the existing right, requiring pharmacists place a sticker in their window indicating that they can prescribe birth control to women without a doctor's visit.Elsewhere, the movement toward allowing pharmacists to directly prescribe happened only recently."This is pretty new. Interest in this didn't pick up until a few years ago," said Elizabeth Nash, a policy analyst at the Guttmacher Institute. As she explained, California began the process of amending its laws in 2013. Oregon introduced similar legislation just last year but then crossed the finish line first. Currently, 12 states and the District of Columbia are considering similar bills, Nash said. In most cases, the idea is to allow pharmacists to prescribe not just birth control but also smoking-cessation drugs or other prescription products without the need for a doctor's script. "It seems to be taking off on the West Coast," Nash said.Support for these laws is not limited to sexual and reproductive health policy organizations like Guttmacher. Fewer teens pregnant, but it's not because they're having less sexFewer teens pregnant, but it's not because they're having less sexIn 2012, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists first expressed its favor of over-the-counter availability of oral contraceptives in a position statement. The group noted at that time that its recommendation was based on its evaluation of the high level of safety of these medications, balanced against the public health need to help prevent unintended pregnancy. The group's president confirmed its support this year. "Birth control is an essential part of women's health care, and over-the-counter status would help more women benefit from the ability to control their own reproductive health," Dr. Mark S. DeFrancesco said in a January statement, adding that "they are safer than many other medications that are already available over-the-counter."Though the new contraceptive laws are on the books in Oregon, Washington and California, the actual prescribing and dispensing of birth control may not be up and running in many pharmacies in those states just yet. Nash noted that the new oral contraceptive laws generally require pharmacies to provide a private consultation space and pharmacists to undergo special training. Naturally, this might take time. "It is interesting, because in some states, the sponsors are surprising," Nash said, adding how some Republicans have supported these bills. In fact, The Hill reported last year that some Republicans have taken the trend a step further by supporting rules to allow over-the-counter hormonal contraceptives, with no prescription necessary.A half-dozen Republican senators have signed onto a bill from Republican Cory Gardner of Colorado. Apparently, Trump's comment already has support from this corner of his party.

Sounders' Nelson Valdez benched again at start; Coach Sigi Schmid cites fitness reasons - The Seattle Times

Sounders forward Nelson Valdez isnt injured, at least according to coach Sigi Schmid, having fully recovered from the nagging calf problem hed struggled with earlier this season.

The 32-year-old played in only one of Paraguays Copa America Centenario matches, so he should be relatively well rested, too though Schmid did say afterward that fitness is part of the issue.

Whatever the explanation, Seattles second-highest-paid player was again relegated to the bench for Saturdays 2-0 home loss to New York City FC, coming on only as a second-half substitute.

Hes still working his way in terms of fitness, Schmid said afterward. They really didnt train much with Paraguay. We wanted to keep (Jordan) Morris inside. I dont think playing wide for him is the best, so when we put him in, we put him inside.

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Valdez hasnt started a match since April 2, and if he wasnt able to crack the starting 11 under these circumstances, its unclear whether hell ever break back in.

Clint Dempsey is still away on national-team duty, and the summer reinforcements the front office has promised havent yet arrived. Competition for spots isnt going to get much more tepid than it is right now.

If Valdez cant play out wide, that leaves only a single potential forward role in Seattles 4-3-3 formation. Even if hes more comfortable in the middle, the preferred option right now on the left is Joevin Jones, who the team considered more of a defender when they traded for him this January.

Valdez replaced Dylan Remick in the 57th minute and pushed Jones back into defense. Valdez threw himself at crosses and hustled back to help out in defense. He stuck a leg out and redirected Andreas Ivanschitzs free kick into the side netting close, but again not quite enough.

He cut a figure of despair, wrenching his head back after misses, driving frustrated fists into the turf.

Valdez has a proven international pedigree and is a tirelessly hard worker. In another universe less beset by leg injuries, maybe hed have made a better fit. He has tallied just twogoals and one assist since signing from Germanys Eintracht Frankfurt last summer, though, noneof which happened this season.

His contract lasts only through the end of this season, and at this rate he might not be wearing rave green for even that long.

Why Ignoring Mesothelioma Will Cost You Sales

Treatment choices for a specific lung cancer treatment is contingent upon the type and stage of the cancer. Surgical treatment has actually got the prospective to alleviate lung cancer, however just in early phases at which cancer hasn't spread beyond the chest.

Coughing is a normal sign and common negative effects of throat cancer. Several kinds of cancers can which result in night sweats. The symptoms imitate other varieties of diseases. There are plenty of issues gotten in touch with diagnosis.

The chemotherapy drugs might be used before in addition to after surgical treatment. This surgical treatment should be performed just by a gynecological oncologist. In the event the hypoglycemia is caused by a pancreatic tumor, surgical treatment should secure the growth.

Often there aren't any symptoms in any regard. People that are experiencing these signs might currently have bronchitis. It's mandatory that You take a look at that being affected with among the breathing diseases, it may have a negative impact in your daily activities.

A vascular sore is really a term consisting of a number of ranges of conditions. This condition is recognized as vascular sores. These popular individuals who have lung cancer died from the various complications in spite of substantial treatment modalities which were utilized. It is a very aggressive sort of cancer and definitely will spread rapidly to other sections of the body.

Mesothelioma generally begins within the pleura or peritoneum. Other mesothelium tissue is, in addition, vulnerable to mesothelioma cancer. In a couple of cases, the trachea or windpipe might end up being contaminated. The other sort of strokes, hemorrhagic strokes, aren't nearly as typical.

Radiation therapy resembles chemotherapy as it targets and eliminates cancer cells. These tumors are typically benign, they might have a fatal effect.

Benign tumors aren't cancerous. Peritoneal mesothelioma cancer affects the lining round the stomach and intestinal tracts and is usually equally as hazardous. Mesothelioma outcomes within the destruction of the outer lining of the inner organs, and it's likewise incurable. When compared with other sort of cancers, it's more unusual and it generally establishes across the mesothelium (the protective cellular lining that's present around lots of organs of the body).

In case these tests indicate the possibility of mesothelioma, then it's needed to do a biopsy to validate the diagnosis. That is the factor why it's essential to comprehend a physician when you have been exposed to Diacetyl even should you feel fine.

You may see the truth of marijuana medicine's effectiveness in each of the things that smoking it truly benefits. Whilst the medication doesn't operate in all cases, it really is incredibly effective. All I'm trying to say is that a lot of medical physicians, no matter their specialty, don't make an effort to get to the hidden reason for the condition. In case the primary cancer began within the lung it is going to be called Lung Cancer.

Mesothelioma cancer is a rather unusual kind of cancer that is certainly frequently incurable. It's a fatal and rare type of cancer that is definitely entirely credited to asbestos poisoning.

Laws are put in location to set up standards governing the conditions and conditions within the labor system. Asbestos use started to decrease dramatically.

Normally, the objective of the scientific trial is simply to establish the benefit of a single treatment over another. It'll cover the concern of numerous patients using the drug which they may shed access to their own prescription pain medication if caught. Individuals who just receive radioactive iodine after which take thyroid hormonal agent daily without dealing with the true reason for the illness have a remarkable opportunity of establishing various conditions in the near future. As research continues, techniques to enhance efficacy increases. Gene therapy is, in addition, being checked in an effort to assault the issue in the DNA level. Lots of lawsuit battled over the issue of method and quantity of payment along with their allowance.

In addition, This is known as the theory of the case. To be able to know precisely exactly what is readily available and what is going to work best for you, you are in requirement of an examination using a medical professional or physician. These generally clear alone, following the kid is delivered or the medication was stopped for a span of time.


Supporting Women's Health and Rights to Address Economic Inequality - Center For American Progress

A procedure roomSOURCE: AP/Eric Gay

A procedure room is seen during a tour of a women's health clinic in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

By Maggie Jo Buchanan | Thursday, April 14, 2016

In order for women to be truly equal with men, they need the same opportunities in life. Not only does that include the same financial opportunitiessuch as equal pay for equal workbut also the ability to have control over their bodies and health care decisions. In order to achieve broad economic security and help women exit and stay out of poverty, policymakers must ensure that women have meaningful access to comprehensive health carenot the limited coverage that is the current Republican agenda.

Researchers have long observed the economic benefits for women derived from the ability to choose when and whether to become mothers. Access to birth control has played a key role in enabling women to obtain a college education and the benefits continue after a woman enters the workforce. While most women still experience unacceptable short- and long-term decreases in income after having children, delaying motherhood until a womans late 20s or 30s can safeguard against significant financial losses. The decision of when to have a child is a deeply personal choice that no person should make for another. Progressive education, workplace, and health policy reforms are essential for all mothers to support their families no matter when they choose to have children. But for many women, delaying pregnancy can be key to completing secondary and higher education and also jumpstarting career growth. Supporting womens ability to choose to start a family when they feel ready should be the goal.

Access to birth control must be protected, not limited

The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, brought affordable preventative care, including birth control without copayment, to millions for the first time. Despite being underfunded, the federal Title X program, which served more than 4.5 million patients in 2013, helps hundreds of thousands of low-income women prevent unintended pregnancy each year. The federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, or TPP, gives competitive grants to private and public organizations for effective prevention program. And womens health clinics, such as Planned Parenthood, play a vital role in supporting access to birth control for women with limited means.

Yet in February, congressional Republicans voted for the 63rd time to repeal the ACA. And while House Republicans have yet to unveil many of the 2017 appropriations billsincluding the 2017 House Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies spending billtheir 2016 version of the bill, approved by the House Appropriations Committee, contained a complete elimination of the Title X program and reduced the TPP program from $108 million to $10 million. To cap off these damaging policy decisions, House majority leadership also advanced a bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

If House majority leadership successfully eliminates access to family planning, struggling women and families would feel the brunt of these efforts. The evidence is clear on this point. For example, when Texas officials defunded Planned Parenthood, there was a significant increase in births among low-income women who had previously been receiving birth control from these clinics.

To secure and increase access to birth control, the ACA must remain law, investment in Title X and TPP should increasenot decreaseand Planned Parenthood must continue to participate in government programs that serve low-income women.

The right to choose must be accessible to be a reality

When birth control failsor is unobtainablea woman should have the ability to end her pregnancy, if she chooses. But both state and federal policy act to restrict womens ability to do so by putting the cost of care out of reach for too many. When government restricts the availability of birth control women struggling economically are harmed the most.

Even as House leadership has busied itself scheduling votes to ban abortion care, there are still several pieces of pending legislation that, if enacted, would help make choice available for all women.

Although the ACA has made insurance affordable for the first time for many families, private insurance coverage for abortion care is severely restricted in many states. Moreover, the federal government has a longstanding policy against covering abortion care in most circumstances for women who receive their insurance through the government, such as those on Medicaid or those who access health care while serving in the military or Peace Corps. Introduced in the House in the summer of 2015, the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance, or EACH, Woman Act would help ensure abortion coverage for all womenno matter how they get their insurance.

Across the country, states are imposing medically unnecessary restrictions on womens health providers, designed to make abortion care too expensive for most women. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently weighing the constitutionality of these restrictions. But the Womens Health Protection Act would make unlawful many of the kinds of state and local restrictions that block womens ability to obtain high-quality reproductive health care.

Advancing and passing both bills will help ensure that the right to choose is not just theoretical, but also obtainable.

This column is far from a complete list of the changes that must be made to lift impediments to womens economic growth. Congress must enact policies that support prenatal and postnatal care, fair pay, child care, and family leavebut when women do not have access to comprehensive health care, they are far more likely to wind up in poverty. Until Congress acknowledges the reality that womens reproductive lives do not exist in a different world from the economy, any approach to ending poverty will fall woefully short.

Maggie Jo Buchanan is the Associate Director of the Womens Health and Rights Program of the Womens Initiative at the Center for American Progress.


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